Reverie Recap 7/18/18: Season 1 Episode 7 “The Black Mandala”

Tonight on NBC their new drama Reverie premieres with an all-new Wednesday, July 18, 2018, episode and we have your Reverie recap called, “The Black Mandala,” belowOn tonight’s Reverie season 1 episode 7 as per the NBC synopsis, “The team works together to save the life of a wrongly imprisoned boy and Mara is introduced to the dangerous world of Dark Reveries, where the normal rules don’t apply.”

Tonight’s episode of Reverie looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live Reverie recap at 9:00 PM ET! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the season 1 episode 4 of Reverie.

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Paul has been figuring out the loopholes in the program on tonight’s all-new episode of “Reverie”. The first thing he wanted to conquer was the ability to fly when he was in Reverie and he thinks he could manage it if he gets some help from Mara. Mara like Paul knows that the brain had often made them believe the dream world was real and that things like flying shouldn’t be possible however bringing Mara with him into the program was Paul’s way of remembering that none of it was real. He thought if he had that reminder that he would finally be able to fly and that’s not really how things ended up going. Paul was able to lean to the point of flying and he had even gotten his foot off the log only he couldn’t stop himself or better yet his brain from remembering that such things shouldn’t possible. And the moment he thought that he fell.

Paul wasn’t hurt because he remembered to turn off his sense of pain in Reverie and so it wasn’t only his pride that got injured. He had thought he would be able to do the impossible by having a living reminder in the program with him and it turns out his mind wasn’t as easy to turn off as he thought. Paul realized he still had some work to do on himself and had thanked Mara for helping him, but after he left the program, he thought Mara would be right after him in leaving as well. Only she didn’t come out. Mara had stayed in the program and had actually experienced something off. She found herself in a dungeon where she heard a voice calling for help and followed him until she found Ehmet. Ehmet was a young man being tied to a chair and he kept asking Mara if she was like the soldiers that had been questioning him.

Mara swore that she wasn’t a soldier and that he was in a program. She tried to tell him that his ordeal wasn’t real and that she could take him out of there though she found out she couldn’t get into the room. Mara had tried opening the door and it wouldn’t budge. She then tried to get them both to leave the program and that didn’t work either. Mara found out she could leave and that Ehmet couldn’t, so she promised that she would find out how to release him and she left the program with a few questions for the others. She had asked the others if they knew about a young man stuck in the program who didn’t seem like he could leave. Mara gave them Ehmet’s name and they even ran a search for men missing within his age group until They eventually found out Ehmet was Ehmet Alwad.

Ehmet was a Syrian refugee living in Canada and he had been detained by US Customs at the airport which had been weeks ago. His brother Kareem had put together a website for anyone that might have information on Ehmet because no one would tell him anything. Kareem tried calling US Customs and they claimed they don’t have a record for him or for any arrest. The government tried to pretend they never heard of Ehmet and so Mara thought it best to reach out to Kareem just to put his mind at ease. Kareem had needed to be told that his brother was physically okay and that someone was working on getting him out. Mara promised she would do anything possible for Ehmet and she tried to do just that. She got help from Paul and Alexis who surprisingly proved to be quite helpful.

Alexis learned that the government was using the program to question their detainees and that no one cared about the psychological toll the program would take on Ehmet’s mind. He was a person and whether they beat him in a simulation or not it still served to break a young man. Ehmet had been terrified that time that Mara found him and the kid didn’t even know why he was there. The government sent a message via Monica Shaw about how this kid could have been responsible for a terrorist attack in Turkey nine months ago and that’s why they were using enhanced interrogation. Nevermind they once swore they wanted to use the program to treat soldiers with PTSD! They found a way to turn something that once beautiful into something ugly and no one was willing to concede that they might be wrong about Ehmet.

Ehmet was a more a kid than man and according to his brother, he would never turn into a terrorist because they escaped Syria to get away from all of that. The team at Reverie believed Kareem and so they sent in Mara despite the many warnings from the government and the one thing Mara had to do was get Ehmet to the Mandla. It was the only way she would be able to escape with Ehmet once she entered his Reverie. She hadn’t had any problems the first time because she had accidentally gotten into his Reverie and was eventually returned to her own but going back in and coming back out was a problem because the government had placed some safeguards. They literally put in guard to watch over everything in order to make sure Ehmet couldn’t escape. And it didn’t help that Ehmet thought she was part of the interrogation.

Ehmet thought it was all real and he had this belief confirmed to him by one of his interrogators because he accidentally he spoke to Mara. Mara they claimed was with them and they said they had tried to use her to get him to talk. Ehmet had been there for so long that he thought he wasn’t sure who he could trust and he hadn’t wanted to trust Mara. Mara had released his restraints and he used the moment when her guard was down to escape her and the room. He ran out of there and was trying to figure out how to leave only he couldn’t. Ehmet soon tried to hide when Mara came looking for him and she found him hiding in a supply closet. He was so scared that he just wanted to be left alone and so Mara was forced to bring up his brother Kareem. Kareem had revealed a few things about his brother and how he was a good kid.

Finding out his brother had trusted Mara enough to tell her so much, Ehmet decided to trust her as well. He went with Mara and they went to escape spot where they saw the guards however working together they made it past them and they left the program. Mara had hoped that whatever Ehmet faced out in the outside world wouldn’t be enough to break him and luckily she received some help. The others had looked into Ehmet’s whereabouts during the terrorist attack and they found a time-stamped video showing that he had been in a refugee camp at the time. He couldn’t have made it five hundred miles past hostile territory into Turkey and join a terrorist cell all within three days. Not when he would have had to prove himself first in order to gain one of those jobs! Ehmet couldn’t have done it and forcing his interrogator’s hands with the threat of some bad publicity got them to release him.

Ehmet was released that day and the first thing he was going to see Mara to thank her in person. He told her she saved his life and she told him that in the program they saved each other.

The government’s failures with Ehmet had also been enough to get the whole enhanced interrogation program shut down and so Charlie realized something. He realized it was too much of a coincidence that Mara accidentally got pulled into Ehmet’s Reverie and he suspected that Monica had something to go with it. She had a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and after it was all over he noticed that no one was happier about the program getting shut down than Monica. She had purposely used the system to enlist the others in helping to free Ehmet and shut down the torture program. And she knew that despite Charlie figuring out, no one would be able to prove she had a hand in any of it!


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